Choose your special effect paint from the Vibrance Collection, a PPG brand.

Crystal Pearls

Toners and Tints

Dazzling mica pigments designed to create a 3-dimensional, glimmering effects finish. These unique pigments can be intermixed with Deltron® BC basecoat or used as a mid-coat to create a one-of-a-kind look’



Looking to create a bold metal flake finish reminiscent of ‘70s-era show cars and custom bikes? Then choose Ditzler® Big Flake™.  Available in nine colours, plus four colour-shifting options, Ditzler Big Flake consists of very large metallic flakes that can be added directly to the basecoat or be used as a ground coat to create a mid-coat/pearl-coat effect.

Liquid Crystal

Toners and Tints

Adds a crisp, vivid sparkle effect to the basecoat for a unique, colour-shifting, clear crystal appearance.


True to its name, Flamboyance offers six custom shades that can be uniquely formulated to produce one-of-a-kind tri-coat effects.

Prizmatique Pigment

Toners and Tints

Prizmatique contains glittering multi-coloured flakes, which transition with movement. When layered over a base colour, Prizmatique offers an most holographic appearance of rainbow colour.The first layer is referred to as the groundcoat.  These are formulated from standard BC tinters. The midcoat layer contains Prizmatique to give a holographic effect.  Prizmatique Basecoats are recommended for experienced spray painters who wish to achieve a unique finish.

DMX Radiance® II


DMX Radiance® II is a rich array of tri-stage finishes created from toners and dyes to achieve a deep rich “candy” appearance. Radiance II basecoats and midcoats must be clearcoated.



Harlequin Basecoat colours contain unique multi-layer pigment flakes that give a paint film the ability to literally change colour when viewed from different angles. Each colour exhibits a wide range of hues depending on the angle at which it is viewed and the angle of incidence of the light.
The standard colour names reflect the colour seen at approximately 90o and 45o respectively.  These colours are totally compatible with the PPG Global Refinish System range of products, and can be used as the G.R.S. Basecoats.